Happy Anniversary <3

Hello friends! Today, August 10th is the One year anniversary of Aditi Eats! Over the years, my friends and family asked me for restaurant recommendations, but I had too many recommendations and nowhere to put them. So, I started this blog! I have had so much fun over the past year, trying new restaurants, taking excessive photos of all my food, annoying everyone around me by taking excessive pictures of my food.

I appreciate all of you reading all my posts! To celebrate, here are some highlights of my favorite restaurants i’ve visited over the last year! Many of these are places I didn’t get enough good pictures of to do a full blog, but enjoy!

Zaytinya, Washington D.C.
the best tapas lunch deal in d.c. @zaytinya in d.c.
Philz Coffee, Washington, D.C.
labneh is the best toast topping in the world!! @philz coffee in d.c.
Ice Cream Jubilee, Washington, D.C.
the best ice cream shop ever, obviously @ice cream jubilee in d.c.
Modern Market, Washington, D.C.
a very beautiful southwestern salad @modern market in d.c.
Culprit Cafe, Omaha, NE
the most amazing cinnamon roll of my life @culprit cafe and bakery in omaha 
Benson Brewery, Omaha, NE
salmon spread with pickled veggies @benson brewery in omaha 
Salween Thai, Omaha, NE
my favorite thai food!! @salween thai in omaha 
Nite Owl, Omaha, NE
amazing amazing totchos (tater tot nachos) @nite owl in omaha 
La Mie Bakery, Des Moines, IA
fantastic cheap pastries @la mie bakery in des moines
Django, Des Moines, IA
some of the best fries @django in des moines 
Panas Empanadas, Washington, D.C.
the yummiest empanadas @panas empanadas in d.c.
Donburi, Washington, D.C.
ah, last but not least! my absolute favorite spot @donburi in d.c.

If you’ve gotten this far, I would love for you to follow me (if you have a WordPress blog yourself) or subscribe to email updates! You can also share the posts on your social media, and leave comments and suggestions for where I should go next!

Thanks for your support, y’all! Have a wonderful day!


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