Taqueria Habanero

Now, i’m not an expert on Mexican food, but every single person from California who lives here loves to complain about the lack of quality Mexican food here in D.C. Yes, every Californian. Honestly, their complaints are pretty valid – downtown D.C. tends to lack good, cheap spots that haven’t been americanized. A super cool friend of mine suggested this spot in Petworth, so Jack and I decided to try it out!

The restaurant has outdoor and indoor seating, but warning, its a petty tight space. The waiters are super nice and attentive as well! Their menu is great, with around ten tacos priced around $2.50-3 each, tortas, quesadillas, house dishes, and more. The prices are great and unlike some places i’ve been to, there’s options for vegetarians, pescatarians and the like.

fantastic chips, salsa verde, and two other amazing and spicy salsas

The chips and salsa were awesome, so much better than any other salsa! The green salsa was mild and bright, the deep red sauce was super spicy, and the salsa in the bottom left was somewhere in the middle.

shrimp taco on the left, salmon on the right, chicken on top

I had the shrimp taco, the salmon taco, and a sope. The tacos were served with avocado, cilantro, onions, radish, and cucumbers with some sort of spicy sauce on doubled up soft corn tortillas. I really loved the shrimp taco, they tasted fresh and perfectly juicy and cooked! I think the texture goes better than that of salmon in a taco, but both were great! Jack got three chicken tacos because he’s boring, but he said they were fantastic.

triplet chicken tacos

The sope is a fried tortilla topped with black beans, lettuce, mushrooms and spinach (for the veggie option), lettuce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and crema. WOW I loved this! Move over tacos, I want this all the time!!! All the textures go so well together, the beans with the cool lettuce and crema. MMM. Mhmmm.

sope, topped with beans, mushrooms, lettuce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and crema

In short, the food here is fantastic. Great prices for good quality Mexican food, owned and operated by Mexican business owners. I really appreciate and ant to support POC business owners making a livelihood off their own culture’s food! Anyways, I love this place! The only off point, I thought the salmon taco could have used a little more spice and texture. Other than that, please come here all the time!

The Bottom Line

Tacos? Come for the sopes. Come for both. Come for everything!!

Cone Rating: 4.5 Cones Drawing (38)

Price: $ (Around $10 per person)

Location: Petworth, Washington, D.C.

On the Internet: Taqueria Habanero Website, Yelp Page


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