So, I have a lot of mixed feelings about Georgetown. Its an area that’s hard to get to and filled with tourists, but the waterfront is beautiful and there’s a lot of shops in one place. However, The restaurants around there get packed, especially for a large group. After a Kennedy Center show last Saturday, my group of friends was starving, but were sadly without a reservation. On our way up 31st, we got lucky and saw Chaia, a small taco shop hidden off M. And dang, we got lucky!

I had eaten Chaia tacos before they opened a brick and mortar location, when they used to sell tacos at various farmer’s markets. They only sell vegetarian tacos with farm to table indredients. I remember them being delicious and beautiful, and they definitely were again.

The store is small, only a few tables on the bottom floor by the kitchen area, with some more seating upstairs. Each taco is $3.75, or you can order 3 for $11. Their choices are so enticing, I seriously wanted to get all of them! Some include creamy kale + potato, skillet corn, charred green bean, mushroom, and more.

friends’ tacos are pretty tacos

The creamy kale and potato had pepper jack, poblano crema, green chili sauce, and pickled onions. The zucchini had goat cheese crumbles, picante, chipotle yogurt, topped with fresh mint and microgreens. Man, I love microgreeeennss. I honestly can’t even describe how amazing these are! The corn tortillas are thick and hold it all together, the vegetables are spiced and cooked. Each one has the perfect balance of hot veggies, a cool sauce, and something crunchy like the pickled onions or refreshing like the mint.

kale and potato on da left, zucchini on da right

Everyone ordered so many tacos, we just about tried everything. Honestly, no complaints from anyone and some of my friends have even gone back. The prices are good, the ingredients are amazing, and its such a gem in the middle of Georgetown.

mmmm beautiful pickled onions


The Bottom Line

Amazing tacos with fresh ingredients at fantastic prices.

Cone Ratings: 5 Stars Drawing (39)

Price: $ (Around $10)

Location: Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

On the Internet: Chaia Website and Yelp Page 


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