The Bird

Let me just say, I’m really glad Marguerite was late to our dinner this week. We were going to meet for health food, smoothie bowls, but she ended up suggesting a spot called The Bird! I’ll apologize up-front about the mediocre quality pictures, but the food was just so good, I needed to give you a review!

The Bird is owned by the EatWell group, a D.C. based restaurant group that owns and operates a variety of other D.C. eateries, including The Pig and Grillfish. This spot is located off of Q St, a quiet little corner a few blocks away from Logan Circle, and their menu is (surprise!) bird themed! They specialize in ethically sourced chicken dishes. The decor inside is beautiful, the walls feature a variety of fantastic murals and awesome art pieces!

We decided to order a few small plates to share, along with a main dish each. First we had an order of the deviled eggs and a small plate of wings. WOW both of these were fantastic! The deviled eggs were overflowing, both tangy and spicy! They were served with bits of crispy chicken skin, which was interesting, very fatty and bacon-esque.

eggs-cuse this lighting 
eggs-cuse my bad nail polish

The wings though, wow they were fantastic. The chicken is triple fried, resulting in uber crispy and thick coating. The meat inside was juicy and tender which is so important. The black sweet chili sauce was thick and sticky and coated all of the chicken – it was spicy but also flavorful (something that buffalo sauce on normal wings never does). Additionally, I loved the topping of cilantro and microgreens, it added a fresh element to a heavy dish!

triple fried korean style wings

Marguerite reaaaally wanted a salad, so she got “A New Kind of Ceasar” with chicken. This salad a variety of greens, including endive and baby kale, croutons, sunflower seeds, and Caesar dressing. She devoured this salad (until she got too full!) and loved the chicken on top.

A New Kind of Caesar + Chicken

By the recommendation of our waiter, Andrew, I had the gazpacho. Best. Recommendation. Ever. Honestly this is the best gazpacho i’ve ever had. The tomato base for the soup featured almonds and basil, and was topped with cubed avocado, toasted quinoa, microgreens, and radish. Each bite was cooling, refreshing, herby, and nutty. This is the perfect summer dish, filling and satisfying while being fresh and healthy. I was so so so impressed.


As we left, Andrew told us about their Happy Hour special – for every cocktail, you get a free appetizer! This sounds like such an awesome and unique deal, and I will definitely be back to try it out. Marguerite and I loved the vibes of this place, the menu had so much variety and was pretty reasonably priced. These are some of the best wings i’ve had in D.C., and if anything, you should come just for the gazpacho! I highly recommend this hidden spot, either for dinner or Happy Hour!

The Bottom Line

Great chicken, fresh ingredients, and beautiful space. SOUP!

Cone Rating: 4.5 Cones Drawing (38)

Location: Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.

On the Internet: The Bird Website and Yelp Page


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