Dangerously Delicious Pies

Hi friends! Quick post here for a new dessert stop, pies! As you all know, ice cream is definitely my favorite, but once in a while, I venture into new sweets. Yesterday, I tried Dangerously Delicious, a chain of pie stores in D.C.

This company has locations in Chinatown, on H St, and in Baltimore, MD! They even have a food truck that makes its rounds around the city! I visited the one in Chinatown. Funny story, I was supposed to meet someone Thursday night (or so I thought!) Turns out our pie meeting wasn’t until Friday…oops. However, the employee was super nice, on both days!

summerfruit pie!

So, Dangerously Delicious has a number of fresh-baked pie options, Savory, Sweet, and Quiche! Their savory flavors include Chicken Pot Pie and BBQ Pork, while their Sweet options range from Baltimore Bomb to Roasted Apple Cinnamon Chess, and all the fruits in between.

My friend chose the Mixed Berry and I chose the Summerfruit, which included peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I thought this pie was really great! The bottom crust was soft and soaked with the fruit juice and butter, while the top was still crisp. The side crust was flakey and paired well with the whipped cream. Also, whipped cream on the side is clearly the way to go with a pie, no argument. The fruit was really sweet, but didn’t feel like it was doused in sugar, which let me believe for a second this pie wasn’t too unhealthy. My friend thought her pie was super delicious as well! My only complaint is the lack of spice, or complex flavors. It was very sweet (duh) but pretty predictable.

mixed berry + summerfruit 

The prices aren’t bad either, $6.50 for a slice of sweet pie, and $8.50 for a savory pie slice, served with a salad. The portions are big enough to serve as a hefty snack or a small dinner, you are definitely getting a bang for your buck!

I would definitely recommend this joint for anyone looking to try something new. It’s great to see a locally owned company specializing in something that many of us only get around holidays or from family!


The Bottom Line

Cone Rating: 4 Cones 4 Stars

Location: Chinatown + H St, Washington, D.C.

Price: $ (Under 10$ for one person)

On the Internet: Dangerously Delicious Pies Website, Yelp Page 


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