So, this weekend I sold away my dreams of future house ownership. How did I do that, you may ask? I willingly bought avocado toast at a hipster coffee shop. Please read on to find out how my one visit here has bankrupted me for life and is ruining the entire housing market.

If you’ve come here for millennial bashing, this is not the right blog for you. Don’t get me started on bad advice from trust fund babies, so i’ll just give you a review of this place instead. Zach and I came here for breakfast on a Saturday morning, looking for some good coffee and a light breakfast. The vibes are really cool, its basically a basement floor of a rowhouse converted into a coffee shop. There is ample seating, couches, tables, bar seats. They have a good selection of coffee and pour overs, a few pastries, and brunchy items to choose from during their “day” menu.

Zach had a Columbian pour over and I ordered a cappuccino. His pour over was really good, a good size portion, with notes of chocolate and nuts. I’m just saying that to sound fancy…I don’t actually know anything about coffee. My cappuccino was stronger than I would have liked, not enough milk foam and quite small. Looked cute though!

For food, we ordered the smashed avocado toast and I had an apple turnover from the pastry display. The glaze on the turnover was beautiful and the pastry was amazingly flaky. I expected the filling to be apple pie-esque, but it was actually more like applesauce. It still tasted great, but it didn’t have that sugary ooey gooey filling like I was looking forward to.

toast on the left, turnover on the right

The toast was also great and gets a million points for presentation, I mean, its so photogenic! The portion was pretty good for sharing, and I loved the micro greens and the red onions, the cherry tomatoes and the olive oil on top.




The best aspect of Emissary was the environment. Not only are there great seating options, the baristas and waiters were fantastic. They were incredibly funny and  engaging with the customers, which made our experience there more enjoyable and entertaining.

Though it was an enjoyable breakfast, I will say it was a tad expensive for my liking. We paid $12 for the avocado toast, which is pretty steep for a breakfast that doesn’t require much labor or many ingredients to prepare. Even though this one toast didn’t bankrupt me, I felt guilty paying for something I could make at home. Also, the portion of my cappuccino was also not impressive. Come for the pour over and the environment, but maybe not for a full meal – unless someone else is paying 🙂

The Bottom Line 

Chill vibes, ample seating, quality pour over, great baristas!

Cone Rating: 4 Cones 4 Stars

Price Range: $$ (Approx. 10-20$ for a breakfast)

Location: Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

On the Internet: Emissary Website, Yelp Page 


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