Guess who’s back in D.C. and trying alllll the new restaurants? It’s ME! ADT! So, today Julianne went to the National Postal Museum and hit up a bunch of stamp collections, saw the Inverted Jenny, and the PostSecret exhibit, all that intellectual stimulation made us pretty hungry! We saw that a new restaurant called Farmbird opened up on H St, so we decided to try it out.

Farmbird is a restaurant that specializes in grilled chicken, specifically local and sustainably raised chicken. They come from farms across the DMV/PA area and are raised without hormones or antibiotics. The dishes feature the meat not fried, but roasted with herbs to give it more flavor, which takes an entire day.

To me, this seems like a hipster-friendly health-focused chicken place, satisfying the craving of fried chicken without all the fat. Their options have a good variety going on, from plates to salads to sandwiches. The artwork on the walls reads: “I will not eat boring chicken.” Sounds about right!

I decided to get the Spicy Roasted Fresno plate, with chicken breast, fresno pepper sauce, crispy shallots, and cilantro. One super-cool option: you can either have your plate on white or brown rice, or replace it with riced cauliflower for no cost, so I took that option! (You can also replace the chicken with tofu!!) I had Mac and Cheese with toasted breadcrumbs and Corn and Tomatillo Salad with cucumbers, lime, shallots, and dill as my sides.

fresno chicken on cauliflower rice with mac & cheese and corn and tomatillo salsa 

W O W this was so good! The riced cauliflower was really yummy, and soaked up a lot of the fresno pepper sauce, the pickled red onions gave it a great crunch. The Mac and Cheese was yummy, it was real cheddar cheese coating the noodles, and was a perfect little indulgence component in the plate. The corn and tomatillo salad was incredibly refreshing, the lime, dill, and peppers were an amazing combination. I mean, it wasn’t as good as Iowa corn, but this will do.

The most important part of the dish: the chicken. I have never had juicier chicken in my life, i’m not kidding. I usually avoid it, because when done poorly (which it usually is) the meat is quite dry and chewy, and detracts from the whole dish. I’m so impressed with their cooking method, because they could serve me this chicken plain and I would eat it.

the chicken was so good i’m giving you a close-up

Julianne had the Spicy Adobo Chicken sandwich, which featured sliced chicken breast, chipotle sauce, aji verde, pickled onions, tomato, braised onions, and cilantro. She loved this sandwich! At first, it seemed small, but it was more filling than first anticipated. It would have been nice to have a side (for the price) but the sandwich was so tasty, she could forgive them.

Spicy Adobo Chicken Sandwich

My only critiques: my Spicy Roasted Fresno plate could have been wayyy spicier. It had two “chili peppers,” listed on the menu, indicating its spiciness. Honestly, I barely tasted the spice, so they could step it up. Second, their drink selection is pretty scant, they have one flavor of Spindrift sparkling water, and normal water. To stick with the healthy vibe, I would suggest they have more flavors of spindrift, I think soda and other options would detract from the vibe. Also, shoutout to Spindrift. Their water has actual fruit juice (as opposed to natural flavors like in LaCroix) and its amazing!

spindrift soda and a cute lil’ plant

All in all, this was a fantastic first experience at Farmbird. One of the founders and one of the employees came by to ask us how we liked it, and man, we loved it! I highly recommend a visit. More D.C. adventures to come!

The Bottom Line: 

Cone Rating: 4.5 Cones Drawing (38)

Price: $$ (10-20$ for a meal)

Location: H St Corridor, Washington, D.C.

On the Internet: Farmbird Website, Yelp Page, and Twitter Page


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